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(Owlet header image found via a Google Image search, and came from Etsy artist Bestiary Ink)

21 June 2012

What I'm Reading Now: June 21, 2012

(expectations: 30 women talk about becoming a mother)
started this one this morning, when i was wide awake at 5a.m. i'll finish it tonight. just little vignettes about lessons of parenting, realizing who you are as a person/mother/woman, and understanding motherhood in one's own context. simple and gentle. not beating you over the head with "lessons." just personal stories, in bite-sized snippets.

08 June 2012

Art Sale


(did I get your attention?)

So, this great Australian illustrator, Amy, has this great little online shop where she sells some of her beautiful illustrations. It's called Cake With Giants, and it's delightful and whimsical and just all around lovely. I've ordered from her before and will vouch for that all-around loveliness. In fact, I've also posted about her before (see). Anyway, she's running a little sale for a few days, and if you like sweet art and sales, you should take advantage. Here are a few current favorites available for purchase:

(Le Carrousel Mystique)

(Owl & the Pussycat)


Aren't they so sweet?!

In unrelated news, sorry I'm so intermittent lately... I know I'll get back on my game at some point - hopefully soon! Thanks for sticking around!