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(Owlet header image found via a Google Image search, and came from Etsy artist Bestiary Ink)

30 June 2011

Bar Cart Vintage Style

I want this bar cart for my dining room. Or something similar for cheaper (this one's around $200). If we had this hanging out in our house, we could move onto hosting swingin' 60s-style parties, right?!

29 June 2011

Bensimon Sneaks

I have been quietly loving and admiring the cute Bensimon elastic sneaks from a distance.
(très adorable, non?!)

I don't know why I haven't bought a pair... Just being frugal, I guess. HOWEVER. They're on sale today at Madewell. For $39.99 (down from around $55-$60, depending on the vendor).

The only issue I'm having is that I really like those light blue ones (above). And the sale shoes are only available in rose poudre:
buy 'em anyway?

UPDATE: bought 'em.

28 June 2011

5 Food Groups

I'm straight-up pilfering this idea, image, and post from one of my favorite blogs, Little Brown Pen (please look at this blog, all of its feature components, and their two little shops - LBP = fabulous. In fact, the LBP Paris Color Project inspired my own photographic color study, going on over here.). But seriously, I think this might have to become a mantra. It's delightfully perfect for every moment and occasion. Oui, oui!

The five food groups:

And another pastry

Who Needs a Good Chuckle?

This literally just put me in a fit. Gofugyourself is often my much-needed-dose of sanity. This is a winner:

(GFY caption: "She really IS the People's Princess, Part II: Happier Ending, We Hope -- SHE EVEN DOES THE WAVE. I love the look on Wills' face, given that I TOO often refuse to do the wave on the principle that The Wave is Dumb. However...")
And here's the however:

(GFY: "...I am charmed by a man who can be jollied into the wave. I also enjoy Billie Jean King back there, who is clearly loving the heck out of sitting in the Royal Box. (Ahem, there is a really dirty joke in there somewhere that I SHALL NOT DEIGN TO MAKE out of RESPECT for the CROWN.)")
Thanks, girls. I'd like to state for the record, though, that I in fact LOVE the wave. Mostly because it makes me laugh hysterically. There's no explanation for this. It just is.

Clutches by k.slademade

I'm really into clutches lately. Usually I'm a BIG BAG kinda gal. But lately, just the opposite. Could have something to do with warmer weather... who wants a big strap and heavy tote adding to sweat issue? Not this lady, that's for sure. I just bought a new gold party clutch (with a Groupon!) this weekend. And then, thanks to the blog [ simplesong ], I discovered k.slademade (also, there's a shop on Etsy, der). By the artist's own description, "k.slademade is a small operation I run out of my yellow bungelow on a quiet little boulevard in Southern Indiana. I spend my evenings dreaming of what could be and spend my days making my dreams a reality. In my off time I take my dog Monty to the park and we talk about how we can make the world a little better." What's not to like about this?!

These pieces are perfect. Sleek, fun, chic, a la mode, and just plain cool. I honestly can't decide what to order. But I'm-a-be ordering something, you best believe. Help me? What would you pick for me?

(large pony leather clutch)
(striped sailing clutch. obviously, because we know how I feel about stripes)
(suzy market clutch)
(the randy vintage clutch)
And there's more than just clutches... totes and accessories and more. How's a girl to control herself?!

Now please, someone advise me on my purchase. Thanks.

24 June 2011


Monday is our anniversary. I love my husband oh so very much. I thought I'd post a few of my favorite shots from our engagement shoot to send you off into a love-ly weekend.

I love how much we laugh. These feel like forever ago and just yesterday.

(all photos by the talented Danielle Aquiline)

(one of my very favorite photos of us)


I love love love stripes. I always have loved stripes. I remember a before-school shopping trip in junior high (I think?) with my best friend KG and her mom where we joked about how many stripes were going to be in my wardrobe that year. Back when What Not to Wear was the show to watch, I often joked that should I be a "victim" (poor me, I *need* a $5000 wardrobe makeover like it's my job!), they'd go through my closet shaking their heads and repeating: "Black, White, Gray, Blue, Stripes. Black, White, Gray, Blue, Stripes. Black, White, Gray, Blue, Stripes." Sad but true, people. Sad but true. I am who I am. No apologies. (And what's to apologize? What's not great about stripes???) Anyway, I love stripes. All stripes. I'm equal opportunity when it comes to stripes.

(Free People)
(stripes and Chanel?! perfection. via Wear Color)
(Lands' End Canvas)
(via [ simple song ])
(Free People)
(via Design*Sponge)
(via Matchbook Mag's tumblr)
(via the kitchn)
(via this tumblr)
(J.Crew Factory)

23 June 2011

Puppy Love

I'm working from home today, which comes with multiple bonuses, not the least of which are staying in sweatpants as long as I want, and neglecting to look presentable in any way, shape, or form. But truly, the best bonus, is the companion at my side, our sweet sweet dog, Lanie (formal name Penny Lane). If I'm being completely honest, her master is my husband, and if he's around, I'm just background static. But if he's not around, she's stuck to me like glue, lying on the floor beside me as I work at the computer, or snuggled up on the couch if I'm on the iPad or editing print-outs. She's the kindest, gentlest, most loving girl ever, and I love her more than I could possibly attempt to articulate. With all the shenanigans going on at our house lately, she's the ever-calming presence I need so badly right now. Today's been a good day with my co-editor by my side.

These were taken a while ago, but I haven't put them anywhere, and they just make me smile, so why not here. Behold, the beautiful and wonderful Penny Lane:

(total beach bum)

who's your best furry (or not so furry) companion?

22 June 2011

Inspired: Photo Project

I'm such a nerd. This gave me the biggest thrill tonight:

(by --Lulu, via ModCloth on Tumblr)
So thrilled was I, that I thought this could be a great little project! I want to take and collect photos of people/strangers/friends/family/loved ones with their favorite/a great book(s). SO... that said...

...I'd love to see what I can get! Would you take a shot (or have one taken) of you and your favorite tome, or just a book you're into, and email it to me (hellerms [at] gmail [dot] com). I'll post everything! And if I get enough, I'll try to do something more with them/come up with a great contest! Could be fun, no? And if you're as nerdy as I am, and into it enough, forward it along!

Whee! Nerds with their Books!

Benjamin Heine

beautiful images from Travail by Benjamin Heini (via WO AND WÉ)

17 June 2011

Another Random Obsession

I'm random today, I know. But I had to share. I have very thick hair - always have. Thanks, Mom! I don't know if you do, but for me this blessing has also come with its share of curses. Frizz and/or Poof are the main culprits, but in the long list of other grumblings I have about my hair, keeping it up has always been a big one. The main reason is that most hair elastics aren't strong enough. Even with the thicker "no slip" ones, I always need them a little tighter, and that last stretch causes them to snap and break at the seam, usually on my hand, which smarts, I tell you!

But last weekend at Target I made a discovery that I just knew upon sight would change my hair life.

The Evolution by Scunci is a miracle, I tell you! A miracle for thick-haired sufferers of snapping hair elastics! They are rubber, which at first look appears like it would be harsh on the hair, pulling and getting caught. But no. Scunci has mastered the "gentle to the hair" technology so that's not an issue. They are soft and don't pull at all. AND THEY HAVE NO SEAM!

I recognize that this is a strange thing to obsess over or be this excited about, but trust me, this truly is an evolution-revolution thirty-one years in the making for my poor scalp. If you have thick hair, I wager you'll be just as excited and satisfied. These rule. I'll buy them out.

As I said, I got mine at Target (you can buy them in the individual packs at the store - not just the bundle). I've also seen them online at Walgreens and Amazon, etc. Try them. You'll understand.