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28 June 2011

Who Needs a Good Chuckle?

This literally just put me in a fit. Gofugyourself is often my much-needed-dose of sanity. This is a winner:

(GFY caption: "She really IS the People's Princess, Part II: Happier Ending, We Hope -- SHE EVEN DOES THE WAVE. I love the look on Wills' face, given that I TOO often refuse to do the wave on the principle that The Wave is Dumb. However...")
And here's the however:

(GFY: "...I am charmed by a man who can be jollied into the wave. I also enjoy Billie Jean King back there, who is clearly loving the heck out of sitting in the Royal Box. (Ahem, there is a really dirty joke in there somewhere that I SHALL NOT DEIGN TO MAKE out of RESPECT for the CROWN.)")
Thanks, girls. I'd like to state for the record, though, that I in fact LOVE the wave. Mostly because it makes me laugh hysterically. There's no explanation for this. It just is.

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