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24 June 2011


I love love love stripes. I always have loved stripes. I remember a before-school shopping trip in junior high (I think?) with my best friend KG and her mom where we joked about how many stripes were going to be in my wardrobe that year. Back when What Not to Wear was the show to watch, I often joked that should I be a "victim" (poor me, I *need* a $5000 wardrobe makeover like it's my job!), they'd go through my closet shaking their heads and repeating: "Black, White, Gray, Blue, Stripes. Black, White, Gray, Blue, Stripes. Black, White, Gray, Blue, Stripes." Sad but true, people. Sad but true. I am who I am. No apologies. (And what's to apologize? What's not great about stripes???) Anyway, I love stripes. All stripes. I'm equal opportunity when it comes to stripes.

(Free People)
(stripes and Chanel?! perfection. via Wear Color)
(Lands' End Canvas)
(via [ simple song ])
(Free People)
(via Design*Sponge)
(via Matchbook Mag's tumblr)
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(via this tumblr)
(J.Crew Factory)

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