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06 June 2011

Soliciting Gift Input

I'll start with a little cliché: They say time flies when you're having fun. It's true! It does! And faster and faster the older you get, it seems. But seriously, never has this adage felt truer to me than the past two years... and I can't believe it's been two years SINCE WE GOT MARRIED. Dave and my second anniversary is at the end of this month, and every time I think about that, my head explodes a little bit. Really, I've loved Dave since, well, it feels like since always, and we've always laughed like crazy and had fun, but these past two years have really felt like the *most* fun. He's the best.

But back to the point... I'm seeking input! Anniversary gift input. Last year, for our first anniversary, we took a getaway weekend to Door County, Wisconsin... so beautiful. Walking, hiking, lounging, grilling, drive-in movie watching, frozen custard eating... It was a GREAT vacation.

(the cabin we rented)

(Lanie came, of course)
(sunset over the harbor)
(more pretty sunset)
(my favorite shot from our anniversary-day hike)
And for a gift, we decided to do something together for us. On our honeymoon to Puerto Rico, we purchased a print of a photograph at a cool little gallery in Old San Juan, but we hadn't done anything with it. So since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, we decided that our gift would be getting our print professionally framed. And now it hangs in our new home.
(you can sort of see it behind this lamp there on the wall. trust me, it's great.)

For our second anniversary, we kind of liked the idea of making that a tradition -- rather than getting each other separate gifts, getting something together, for us to share, or for our home. And the second anniversary's traditional gift (the irony of my harping on the "traditional" is not lost on me. me? traditional? totally. ha!) is cotton. This is where I'd love some help. We can't share a shirt! So what are some good ideas? Anyone? Some input? All suggestions welcomed!

So far, I've thought of... new bedding?

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