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03 June 2011

Forms of Torture

The good news is I don't need a full cast for my stupidly broken wrist (yay!)... the annoying news is that I still have five weeks of healing/typos-resulting-from-being-in-a-movement-restricting-brace. Whatever, I'll manage! At least I figured out how to wash my hair one-handed (left-handed, mind you!) and straighten it adequately!

Whilst healing, my fitness options are fairly limited to walking, crunching, and squatting (the latter two in my living room exclusively). So I've put a hold on most desserts until after I've been released to my own devices in July. If I can't do my normal active-activity, I could easily pack on 15-20 in the six-week total - no problem! HA! Obviously the answer is to torture myself further by collecting lots of drool-inducing dessert-y recipes. Seriously, how great would any/all of these be with a cool beverage or cup o' joe on the balcony -- morning or evening?!

(Cherry Brown Butter Cake * Recipe)
(Caramel Whipped Cream Cake * Recipe)
(Vanilla Roasted Berries * Recipe -- fruit's gets a pass, right?!)
(Gets a pass, too: Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake * Recipe)
(Banana Flan (der) * Recipe -- p.s., this blog is so so cool)
(Pear Tart w/Whiskey Cream * Recipe)
(Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding * Recipe)
(Brown Butter & Cinnamon Rice Krispie Treats * Recipe)
(Feta Mousse w/Honey * Recipe)
(Salted Caramel Brownies (you had me at "salted caramel brownies") * Recipe)
(Dessert-Flavored Popsicles - links to some recipes here)
(Cake Mix Cookies (!) * Recipe)
Commence imagine-sugar-induced coma.

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