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25 May 2011

A Slow-Down... and a Giant YAY!!!

My friendship bracelet-making plans are on hold for at least six weeks, and my posting, too, may be a little slower and more sparse in that time-frame, and I apologize. But my dopey, klutzy self had herself a little (a second) rollerblading mishap Sunday, and now my right wrist is fractured and braced-up, inhibiting easy typing (or easy anything, really). So, I regret that I'll have to slow down a bit, and space out posts while I heal up. Hopefully it'll get easier as the six weeks roll on, and I'll be able to do more and more every week -- that's the plan!

That's the slow-down... now the YAY!

(via Oh Joy!)
HAPPY ALMOST-WEDDING WEEKEND TO MY DEAR, LOVELY, WONDERFUL FRIENDS R&D!!! I'm so excited I could burst. Can't wait to jubilate and make-merry at what will undoubtedly be one of the most incredibly beautiful, joyous, fun, and boogie-down-filled celebration of love and soul mate-ness! My D and I feel so lucky to call you friends, and to be able to be witness to this perfectly perfect moment in your lives. Looking forward to a great weekend with some of the best friends we could ask for. Here's to love and friends who are family!

I love you! See you in Rhode Island!!! Whoop!

(via Jakob E's Flickr photostream)

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