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17 May 2011

Dirtsa Studio

(Letter Pillows from Dirtsa Studio)
Discovered Dirtsa Studio by way of a random clicking stream of consciousness, and ooh-wee! How fun are these?! More from her shop...

(cases only)
(or, just buy a number of your choice of any letters and spell yourself silly!)
Okay, she has more than these awesome Scrabble letter pillows, but I just love them!

Dirtsa Studio is named for artist Becky's late grandmother (her name was Astrid; Astrid backwards = Dirtsa) who was an artist in her own right. By the artist's own words, she's just "out to add some color to the world." Combining her professional background, education, and passions, she left a two-year stint at Anthropologie to pursue her own creative interests. The result is whimsical, playful, interesting... delightful.

(Penmanship Pillow)
(Chalkboard World Map Large)

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