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20 May 2011

Dear Mr. Postman

Last year, among my usual New Year's Resolutions (more water, less sugar, monthly self-breast checks), I absorbed one inspired by my friend R, who wanted to write one real letter or card and mail it every week for the year. How wonderful is real mail? It's basically the best.

I did well for the first part of the year, but then tapered off, though I did send real mail every month throughout the whole year, and I've carried it over into 2011. I have always loved stationery and note cards. I inherited that from my mom, who's bottom desk drawer is always filled with boxes of note cards so that no matter the occasion or the whim, she has a beautiful piece of paper (and matching envelope) ready to go. I have storage boxes, as well as bedside table drawers (and desk drawers at work) filled with my collection. I love to actively scour the clearance shelves at stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx and Michaels, I basically always have my third eye out looking for pretty stationery, cards, post cards, envelopes, etc., whether consciously or not.

Don't you love getting mail for no reason?! Do you ever write real notes or letters anymore? Who do you write to?

I know, it all goes back to Etsy lately, but I saw this post this morning and, not only did it make me smile big and bright (which is always a good thing at the office!), but it also sent me right over to the shop (ooh! it's a new one! just joined Etsy May 4!) to see what other goodies there are.


Yes, I could probably make these myself (I do make my own note cards with prints of photos I've taken), but someone else already has, and so well. How happy would you be to get a sunny yellow envelope in the mail, open it up, and find this happiness inside?


(happy father's day, indeed!)

I just realized that part of what's drawing me to these is that the font reminds me of my old friend K's handwriting. I think I'll send her a card today!


  1. I LOVE getting the mail - it is one of the highlights of my day. Bonus if there is personal correspondence in it! I had all of these pen pals growing up - it was so fun. That is a great new years resolution. I had that on my list in 2010 but did not follow through.

  2. I'm so with you, A! I still get excited to check the mailbox at my parents' house... where I definitely do not receive mail anymore. But there's just something about going to the mailbox, isn't there?!

  3. (This is Emily of sparrownestscript)

    Oh wow! I stumbled on your blog post through my Google alerts, and I'm so flattered that you think so much of my work! I totally agree with the resolution to write more pen-and-paper notes (email's easy, but getting mail is so *great*). Thanks for this lovely feature, friend.