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14 May 2011

Matthew Heller on Brown Button

Super excited to see this in my Reader this morning. Already one of my favorite blogs, Kimberlee at Brown Button has just the loveliest spirit that comes through in her writing, her aesthetic, and her post topics and inspirations. Recently she commented on the new e-mag, TradHome, and particularly on a feature depicting a beautiful children's playroom designed by Jeff Andrews. In the original launch of the magazine, the artist of the painting in the playroom had been mis-identified. Fortunately for them, I noticed. And why did I notice, because the artist happens to be my incredibly talented, amazingly wonderful, kind and awesome cousin, artist Matthew Heller. So when I saw that Kimberlee admired his work, I had to tell her. My worry was realized -- if they didn't correct the link and reference in the article, not only would that be a giant discredit to the artist and his work, but it would also be a huge disservice to hopeful admirers and potential collectors of his work, because if they couldn't click the link to his website, they'd Google the wrong name and then, well, you get it.

Anyway, I'm so glad Kimberlee found her way to his real name and real site. Because, leaving aside that he's family and I already love him so, his creative gene is beyond the normal, even the exceptional. In each of his artistic phases and series over time, I've truly been captivated and awestruck by his gift. His use of typography and reference, colors, space... each piece takes my breath away. Here are some of my (many... get ready) favorites from various series (not just the totally rad Homage to Music series):

(obsessed with these houses since I first ever saw them...)
(My mother used this image for one of her book covers... I love everything about it.)
(I was visiting once when this was in-progress... just remembered when I saw it again on the site. 1999.)

(these Tree Huggers are possibly at the very top of my favorites list... I love the punch of these colors on the black)

(my husband and his mom danced to this at our wedding. oh, Chicago.)

(magical collaboration)
(all images by Matthew Heller, via


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