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11 May 2011

Bad Day

I know that hardly anyone's reading this still, but even if it's just to make myself feel better, I have to explain the silence today. I had a rough day... crashed my computer at work yesterday, which may or may not have had something to do with my borderline obsessive blogging/Google Reader reading/Pinterest pinning/etc. In my defense, I'm an editor. I don't have many (any?) ongoing projects. If I am waiting on something to come in for editing, I have nothing to do. I have to entertain myself! Anyway, I didn't get my computer back until the end of the day today, and due to my absence from the work world for those hours, I did, in fact, have work to do. So far, my work ID still gets me into and out of the office, so in spite of legitimately killing a computer, I'm still employed! (yay! sort of...)

But in the meantime, I also have lots of ideas. So lots of post are a-comin'!

(even if I'm just writing to myself!)


  1. oh no! glad you are getting a new computer!

    and i bet people are reading :)

    ~fellow google reader/pinterest user/blogger while at work