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18 May 2011

Wine Cork Crafting

My dad has been collecting wine corks in my parents' basement for a long time. Originally, I think he was trying to see how many bottles they popped in one year. And then, having no plan with what to do with 12 months' worth of corks, he just kept going. I was visiting my parents Mother's Day weekend, and noticed that the barrel-o-corks is runneth over. So I've been thinking about encouraging my dad to get on that project, or maybe I will.

Found this DIY for a wine cork-cork board, and liked the idea, but more as just framed art and not necessarily a cork board. Seems simple enough, eh?

What else could I do?


  1. Sweet! A reason to start collecting again.Now I have a purpose for them and won't get mean looks from my hubby.

  2. Totally! Now if only I could get Mr. S. to stop breaking our corks!

  3. I'm making one too! Except I'm staggering the corks, two horizontal, two it!