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09 May 2011

Shoe Fixation: Ecote @ UO

Sorry for the break in posts since last week -- I went back to Massachusetts to visit my parents and be with my Mama for Mother's Day and decided to basically disconnect while I was there. Ahhh...

But now I'm back! And while I have been legitimately obsessing over this shoe purchase for about a week and a half now, today I was complimented in the perfect way on them by someone other than myself, so I figured I ought to share. I bought these at Urban Outfitters on a fluke-I-happen-to-be-in-the-neighborhood-probably-should-do-a-walk-through visit recently:

(Ecote Basketweave Skimmer in Coral)
They are delightful. I put them on almost as soon as I purchased them, and they required no breaking-in! They're super comfy, a fun splash of color, and they pretty much go with everything. I can dress them down to bum around on the weekend, and I can dress them up with an outfit to work. I have pretty much done both of the aforementioned dressings every day since I've had them. I love them. The compliment they received this morning went something like this: "Oh! Those are fantastic! They are basically grown-up jellies." And that's exactly what they are... stepped-up, dare I say sophisticated, jellies. And not in chafe-and-sweat-potential plastic tubing. Bonus.

When I was thinking about posting them, I went hunting for them on the Urban site. They appear to no longer be available online, so you'll have to go (do it!) to your own Urban and find them in a basket on the floor like I did. Prowling around the shoe section of the site, though, I did find tons of other awesome-looking shoes to delight and entice me away from my work... (all images from/shoes available at

(Sessun T-Strap Sandal)
(Deena & Ozzy Mixed Band Peep-Toe Wedge)
(Deena & Ozzy Oxford Wedge)
(Ecote Basketweave Ankle Wrap Sandal)
(All Black Linen Ankle Wrap Sandal)
(Matt Bernson Raffia Wedge)
(Matt Bernson Triple Buckle Heel)
(Modern Vintage Platform Wedge Sandal)
(New Kid Lasercut Loafer)
(just to whet the shoe appetite...)

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