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20 May 2011


I don't know if you know about Pinterest, or if you do, if you're aware of/following my pins/boards. But, well you should be. HA! Pinterest is great, it's like a holding pattern for anything you're into, thinking about, planning, enjoying. You can create as few or as many boards (by subject, concept) as you desire, and keep everything organized to easily recall or get back to at any time. I know I will enjoy this resource even more when we are finally ready to plan our bathroom renovations (yes, both), and when I'm helping to plan, say, a friend's upcoming baby shower for example (!). But I digress. This post is about shorts.

Because if you *do* by chance follow me on Pinterest, you may recall my swooning and drooling over these pricey lovelies:

(Paul & Joe Sister Roman Blue Denim Bow Shorts)
These are delicious, and also $193.05 (the five cents are critical, obviously) at My pin described my state of drooling, but also my hope that a perfectly acceptable knock-off might be found at the likes of a Forever21.

Guess what?! I pass Forever21 on my way to work from the bus every day, and sure enough, some good substitutes were in the window this morning! So, onto the website I went, and here's what I found for options:

(High Waist Pinstripe Short - $17.80)
(Pleated Lyocell Shorts - $17.80)
(Casual Woven Short - $15.80)
(Self Belt Shorts - $17.80)
(High Waist Linen Blend Shorts - $18.90)
(Self Tie Linen Blend Shorts - $17.80)
Eh? Not bad, right? Not the same, for sure, but maybe close enough? I'm betting there might be more possibilities to be found at H&M...

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