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10 May 2011

Beautiful Etsy Finds

Have you ever clicked the "See more" link at the top of the Etsy homepage next to the "Handpicked Items" header? Every once in a while I do that, and then just find my way through a choose-your-own-Etsy-adventure and see what I find. With a little time to spare today, I found some super gems. And now I am exercising self-restraint and painful decision-making as I consider a/many purchase/purchases. Behold:

(antique coated cast iron frying pan in robin's egg blue from cozystudio - gorgeous! - and just $30!)
(vintage Villeroy & Bach pitcher in beautiful red and cream @ ZoiShop - $50)
(willow wine stoppers from The Bent Tree Gallery - $17.50!)
(just fun-awesome. mustache cooler glasses - 4/$24 - from Modern Madness)
("Pretentious" frog ties from ScatterbrainTies - sassy Father's Day, Dad!)
(gorgeous vintage leather journal from TeoStudio)
(OH! the sweetest... You Can Count On Me dolls, by KikiMood. OCH! $20!!)
(hanging air plant pods from mudpuppy - obsession-worthy. stunning. $30/ea.)
Aren't these all so fabulous?! I can barely stop myself.

Also worth noting: Check out Heartsy, which I discovered thanks to A's Google Reader share from Shelterrific. It's a Groupon-like site dedicated to discounts on Etsy shops! Brilliant. Amazing. Totally dangerous!

More after lunch...

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