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10 May 2011

Salad Yum

I just had the most delicious salad for lunch. Really, I just had a great lunch experience... met up with one of the coolest ladies in my life, KB, and talked books, gossip, life, soul-searching. All good things. I always feel so refreshed after seeing her. Need to do it more. Anyway, we were both wooed by the same salad. You'll have to forgive the blurry iPhone image - I was hasty in my photography:

Very simple, and very surely will be recreated for dinner later this week, and likely many a potluck situation. Arugula, sliced red onion, Mandarin orange segments, dried cherries, Israeli cous cous. It actually was intended to be served with grilled marinated chicken, but both K and I opted to go veg for lunch. Tossed lightly in a citrus vinaigrette. Truly delicious. And filling. I feel there is no hope for dinner tonight... it won't hold up. I promise I'll try to remember to take a better framed/better staged/better photographed shot when I attempt a recreation.


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