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(Owlet header image found via a Google Image search, and came from Etsy artist Bestiary Ink)

28 June 2011

Clutches by k.slademade

I'm really into clutches lately. Usually I'm a BIG BAG kinda gal. But lately, just the opposite. Could have something to do with warmer weather... who wants a big strap and heavy tote adding to sweat issue? Not this lady, that's for sure. I just bought a new gold party clutch (with a Groupon!) this weekend. And then, thanks to the blog [ simplesong ], I discovered k.slademade (also, there's a shop on Etsy, der). By the artist's own description, "k.slademade is a small operation I run out of my yellow bungelow on a quiet little boulevard in Southern Indiana. I spend my evenings dreaming of what could be and spend my days making my dreams a reality. In my off time I take my dog Monty to the park and we talk about how we can make the world a little better." What's not to like about this?!

These pieces are perfect. Sleek, fun, chic, a la mode, and just plain cool. I honestly can't decide what to order. But I'm-a-be ordering something, you best believe. Help me? What would you pick for me?

(large pony leather clutch)
(striped sailing clutch. obviously, because we know how I feel about stripes)
(suzy market clutch)
(the randy vintage clutch)
And there's more than just clutches... totes and accessories and more. How's a girl to control herself?!

Now please, someone advise me on my purchase. Thanks.


  1. I think the Randy Vintage is just too large to be comfortably carried as a clutch.
    I love the other three, but i gotta put my vote in for the leathuh pony clutch.

  2. I'm saying the suzy's springy yet has the durability of the leather bottom :) And who doesn't like a durable bottom? ;)

  3. It's true... that's a power bottom.