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22 June 2011

Inspired: Photo Project

I'm such a nerd. This gave me the biggest thrill tonight:

(by --Lulu, via ModCloth on Tumblr)
So thrilled was I, that I thought this could be a great little project! I want to take and collect photos of people/strangers/friends/family/loved ones with their favorite/a great book(s). SO... that said...

...I'd love to see what I can get! Would you take a shot (or have one taken) of you and your favorite tome, or just a book you're into, and email it to me (hellerms [at] gmail [dot] com). I'll post everything! And if I get enough, I'll try to do something more with them/come up with a great contest! Could be fun, no? And if you're as nerdy as I am, and into it enough, forward it along!

Whee! Nerds with their Books!

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