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17 June 2011

Another Random Obsession

I'm random today, I know. But I had to share. I have very thick hair - always have. Thanks, Mom! I don't know if you do, but for me this blessing has also come with its share of curses. Frizz and/or Poof are the main culprits, but in the long list of other grumblings I have about my hair, keeping it up has always been a big one. The main reason is that most hair elastics aren't strong enough. Even with the thicker "no slip" ones, I always need them a little tighter, and that last stretch causes them to snap and break at the seam, usually on my hand, which smarts, I tell you!

But last weekend at Target I made a discovery that I just knew upon sight would change my hair life.

The Evolution by Scunci is a miracle, I tell you! A miracle for thick-haired sufferers of snapping hair elastics! They are rubber, which at first look appears like it would be harsh on the hair, pulling and getting caught. But no. Scunci has mastered the "gentle to the hair" technology so that's not an issue. They are soft and don't pull at all. AND THEY HAVE NO SEAM!

I recognize that this is a strange thing to obsess over or be this excited about, but trust me, this truly is an evolution-revolution thirty-one years in the making for my poor scalp. If you have thick hair, I wager you'll be just as excited and satisfied. These rule. I'll buy them out.

As I said, I got mine at Target (you can buy them in the individual packs at the store - not just the bundle). I've also seen them online at Walgreens and Amazon, etc. Try them. You'll understand.

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  1. This is totally random but I bought these yesterday. I snapped my last elastic and vaguely remembered that you had posted about some that you liked. Thanks for the recommendation...7 months later!