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17 June 2011

Random Updates

I know you've been dying to know if I bought those sunglasses and if I figured out what to do about the friendship bracelet trend while my wrist heals and before it's taken over the world again and I'm not ahead of the curve but behind it! Good news: I have updates on both. (let that breath out!)

I did buy those sunglasses this week, after I got a few virtual kicks in the pants regarding their cost (you'll recall they were just $10). However, they didn't work. Adorable they were, but too wide for my head they were, too. Sigh. Big one. I was very disappointed. So I went back to Nordstrom today to return them, and instead found another great replacement! Whee! Check out my rad cheap shades:

(they kind of make me feel a little Max Headroom-y)
(ooh la la!)
(i'm hot 'cause i'm fly.)
So that's solved.

And as for friendship bracelets, I have succeeded in jumping on that trend/mindless diversion/trip-down-memory-lane train in spite of my silly injury! And not only do I remember how to make friendship bracelets, but I remember how to make the fun fancy ones! AND they're the greatest fun in the world!

(this is the early stages of my first attempt from earlier this week)
While playing with these this week, I recalled that at age 12 or so, I made myself a board to make my bracelets on. It helps to keep your strings in order, keeps your bracelet taught while you're making it, and gives you easy storage if you need to pause mid-bracelet so your strings don't get tangled:

Just take any good sized piece of thin cardboard (I recall I used to cut mine out of shoe boxes), and using scissors, make a short cut in the middle of the board at the top. Hook your knot at the top of your bracelet through the cut, and secure with scotch tape behind the board. Make similar short cuts along the bottom of the board, evenly spaced, for the number of threads in your bracelet. Easy, right?! Seriously, it's way better than your big toe, I promise.

Everyone can expect a bracelet soon. This is a perfect replacement for my excessive TV schedule that's now on summer vacation.

(Aren't you so glad to hear how I've solved these two major issues?)

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