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05 December 2011

Again, Input?

So, I'm just going to call it on the photography challenge, and I'll walk around with my head hung in shame for the next week. Oh well. I'll try it again another time, when I have a more fancy-pants camera, I think.

Back to my solicitation of input, though. I have to turn in my assignment for the non-fiction lesson in my writing class by tonight, and I still haven't decided what to write about. Here's a short-list of "events" that popped into my head as moments that made an impact on me (full assignment can be viewed here)... can you help me narrow??

Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion
Obama Election Night
Death of Michael Jackson
2000 Presidential Election
Anti-Iraq War Protests in Washington, D.C. (2002-2003)
Red Sox 2004 World Series Victory


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  1. Hi! What did you go with? I also remember watching the 1989 earthquake in SF during the World Series and watching the Gulf War through night vision goggles on tv. That's a tough but interesting assignment. Excited to hear what you chose!

    p.s. I enjoyed looking through your pictures! No worries about not finishing.