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02 March 2012

Oscars 2012: The Best and the Worst

Again, I wish we'd had easier weeks this week so we could do more posts. I love rehashing the awards. But even our fewer posts have been fun. Thanks again, A! Love doing these. We hope you've enjoyed our shenanigans and delusions of expert criticizer status! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Okay, without further ado... it's the best and worst of the Oscars. Actually, all in all, nothing was so horrifying as to jump out as disastrous, which is good news for Hollywood, but also slightly disappointing, because, well, we like to judge, don't we? That said, there were some clear winners and losers. Here are our choices for Best and Worst:

M's Best: (in reverse order - so, my fave is last of these)

Cameron Diaz in Gucci

M: I love this. I love the shade on her skin, I think her hair looks fun and flirty but still Carpet-appropriate, and I think it's just gorgeous. But I most love this because she just looks so many light years better than she sometimes tends to look. Love to see her looking great (even if I'm not sure why she was at the Oscars in the first place).

A: I cannot disagree with you, M. Cameron, who usually is Fugly with a capital F, looks great here. I too wonder, why she was there - and a PRESENTER even! 

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

 M: Duh. Home Run, Gwyneth. That's all there is to say.

A: Yes it's true. This is my best dressed of the night. Fifth and final time I will say it. Amen. 

Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab

M: I know the leading favorite all over the Interwebs is Gwyneth, and since A has already declared her the night's fashion winner at least 3 times, I had to go a different route and give it to Milla Jovovich. I just absolutely and entirely swoon for this gown and the complete look. From the hair to the makeup to the fit to the accessories, it's absolutely perfect. If I were ever to attend a Red Carpet event, I'd totally knock off this look a la Emma Stone knocking of Nic Kid. I just... I die for it. It's unique, stunning, and show-stopping. Winner!

A: A second, VERY CLOSE second for me for best dressed of the night. SWOON!  

M's Worst: (in reverse order - so, my least fave is last of these)

Melissa McCarthy in custom Marina Rinaldi

M: I swear to you this is the last time I acknowledge Melissa McCarthy's Red Carpet attire until she hires a stylist. But it goes without saying - another fail. I want so much more for her! I really do. And I think she at least scores points for color here. I think this blush shade is very pretty with her hair and skin tones. But... We just need better fabric, better cut, and better fit, don't we?

A: Yes. We need better. Do you think she would hire us, M??!!

Rooney Mara in Givenchy

M: She's so pretty. But why must she look so severe? The main reason that this falls on my Worst list is that it's not a fully thought-out look in my opinion. Even if we let those awnings over her boobs go, this dress is pretty and very feminine, with really lovely touches and details. but she was not wearing a single piece of jewelry (that we can see), and her hair and makeup styling was so intense that not only did it not go with the dress, but it really conflicted with and distracted from it.

A: I wasn't the hugest fan of this but something keeps me from putting it on my worst list. I admire that this was one of the risks of the evening.  

Angelina Jolie in Versace

M: I hate everything about everything about this. And yes, I meant to write "everything about" twice. GET OVER YOURSELF.

A: Please see M's comment. 

A's Best:

#1: Guess Who?!?!
Ok. I will spare you another mention of GP. You already know that she was my best.

#2 Milla Jojovich

See Commentary Above

#3 Octavia Spencer

We digested this yesterday so I won't say too much more. I'm declaring the Oscars 2012 as "her night." I loved that she won, and I loved her acceptance speech. Brought tears to my eyes. And double awesome that she accepted the award looking like this. BOMBSHELL!

M: I love this, too. And yes, we've said lots of good things about it already, so I'll just sum it up with a "Hear! Hear! Octavia!"

A's Worst:

Although I could state the obvious, (Ahem, Lea Thompson), I tried to come up with three new worst dressed so that all of my commentary isn't simply "Agree with M." She already nailed 3 worst are 3 more.

3. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman always disappoints me on the Red Carpet. There I said it. This dress seems too casual for the red carpet and looks ridiculous paired with that necklace. I keep on expecting more from her! One of these years!

M: Totally. I'm sorry, I'm not a fan of polka dots in general, but definitely not for the Red Carpet. I just don't think they fit. And the necklace was wrong. Wrong shape, wrong style, wrong. Her hair and makeup were pretty. I'll give her that.

2. Viola Davis

I wanted to like this. I love her from the neck up. I love that she abandoned the wig and looks even more beautiful without it. But this dress is a train wreck - too much boob smooshing and too raggedy. Fantastic color choice, I'll give her that.

M: She was a contender for me, too, I must admit. I do LOVE this color on her skin, and I couldn't agree more about her au natural style. But I cannot get past what the bodice of this dress was doing to her chest. It looks unnatural. Which is fundamentally incongruous with "au natural." If we're going with a theme, we've got to carry it all the way through.

1. Melissa Leo

WHAT is this? Really? This looks like something that was on the clearance rack at Chicos. WHAT WHAT WHAT?! I don't understand so much of this dress. The boxy blouse top? The sequins? The belt out of a completely different material? The attempt at color blocking? HUH? This is one of those where I question what Melissa Leo was thinking when she decided, "Yes! Yes, this is the dress I will wear to the Oscars."

M: What A said.

Alright friends. That's it for us for this Oscar season rehash. What do you think? How'd we do? Who were your bests and worsts? What are your hopes and dreams for next awards season -- besides your hope and dream that A and I get hired by someone to do this (or style Melissa McCarthy) professionally?

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  1. LOL @ your comments on Angelina. Seriously, she looks like a skeleton with lipstick on.