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11 April 2012

Best Leggings for Work

This is a random post, I realize. But I recently was discussing leggings-as-pants (for the 100th time) with another friend, and had to give a shout-out to my favorite leggings. I seriously wear these more often than I'd care to admit during the work week. They're just great. So I had to share.

So... leggings as pants. Are you in or out? I was in the "out" column for a long time. But I'm firmly in the "in" category now, IF the leggings are appropriate as pants, and IF they're paired well with an appropriate top, and IF you are not showing more than you should (be real with yourself and others, seriously). All that said, these Ponte Seam Leggings by Mossimo at Target rule. They "look" tailored, with a pronounced seam running down the front and back middles, making them look more like pants than leggings. They look great with flats (probably pumps, too, but I rarely wear pumps these days... old lady!), and are perfect for tucking into boots. They come in three colors - black, dark heather grey, and brown - and they are the.most.comfortable.ever. I need to purchase at least three more pairs of the black. Those are a weekly staple (I also have the dark heather grey). Anyway, for $20, why are we even debating this. They're awesome. Go get them. If you're a leggings-as-pants-wearer, that is.

(see that seam? tailoring (even faux) = professional (right?))


  1. I LOVE THESE LEGGINGS! I don't know if you remember recommending these to me last year but I totally bought them because of you and wear them at least one a week. My only complaint about them is that I wish that they came in a "tall" size.

  2. Those look really similar to the Hue leggings that I wear. I'll have to give those a try and compare the two.