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24 October 2012

Printed Jeans

Now that I'm wearing "normal" (read: not maternity) clothes again, I'm excited to try out some new styles. As such, I just purchased myself some printed skinnies from Target:

(here they are)

(yep, that's a peacock print)

They're kind of fun, no? And they don't necessarily look too jeans-y, right? (Am I fooling myself?) I mean, I'm thinking with the right top/shoes/accessories, these could hypothetically play a role in some work attire... maybe?

What say you to the printed denim trend? Yeas? Nays?

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  1. I like that pair and think that they could totally be ok for work in some instances. For me, it entirely depends on the particular jeans. I really like some of the prints I have seen and really detest others. Work it girl!