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14 January 2013

Reorganizing (for lack of a better word)

I'm trying to reorganize a bit. It has been FAR too long since I've posted here, and even longer since I was in a good posting rhythm, as opposed to just a post here, a post there. And I want to get back to some sort of blogging routine. It has certainly been a challenge to rediscover balance since our incredible little girl arrived at the end of June. Throw in working full-time, and juggling family health issues, and a few things have just fallen behind. That's just the reality of it. And if I'm being *really* honest, nearly everything I've let fall behind has been about me. And I'd like to try to claim a bit of myself back if I can. So, inspired by the boost of confidence Amy gave me this morning, I commit to posting with vague regularity again. I want to reorganize things enough to allow me the simple pleasure and creative outlet this blog has provided to me in the past.

To that end... I have a few things lined up this week. I'm not sure I'll be back on the every day posting regimen right away, but that will be my longer-term goal. For now, I'll aim for 3 posts/week. This one doesn't count. I'll have a *real* post after this one today, and then Amy and I are bringing back an abbreviated version of our post-awards fashion blitz for the 2013 Golden Globes with two posts this week.

Look at me go! Thanks for keeping with me... in spite of my amazing disappearing act.

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