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23 January 2013

Left Out!

In a panic (really, we got upset!) A and I realized last night that we left one of our always-favorites (and another one) off our Best of the Golden Globes list. So here's a little follow-up post to tip our proverbial hats towards these two ladies and their winning looks. We hope they'll accept our profuse apologies.

And they are...

Emily Blunt:

M: For me, Emily Blunt falls into the same celebrity girl crush category as Marion. Sigh. And she always nails it with the fashion. She just consistently looks so sophisticated, interesting, gorgeous, and cool. She makes unique choices (see above), but hits every detail square-on. I love the gold. The skirt on this gown is amazing. And while a lot of critics didn't love the cut-outs or her hair/makeup, I think she looks overall incredible. Her body looks crazy-good, and this dress just highlights it. So the critics, I think, are just haters. And haters gon' hate. That's just how it goes. I also love the choice of a bit of subtle color in those earrings.

A: I also loved this dress and was so upset that we forgot about it on our "best dressed" list. Ditto to all of M's comments. Emily Blunt made the move into my cadre of favorites a while ago and I always look forward to what she is going to wear next. This dress was awesome, fit her to a T and was interesting. EXCELLENT choice all-around.

and Kerry Washington:
M: Beautiful. For me, this is the successful version of what Rachel Weitz was trying to do. The color, the sparkle, the length - it's all just beautiful. The color especially, on her skin tone, is just gorgeous. It's also another great example of effective minimal styling. I thought she looked fantastic. I can't believe we forgot to mention her in the first go-around.

A: I did not love this at first sight, but it is growing on me every time I see it. I thought it was an interesting choice and agree that it is doing the see through/mini skirt trend right. Even though this was well done and perfectly styled, I personally am not an overall fan of this miniskirt-with-see-through-overlay trend. The woman is stunning though, you cannot argue that!

So, our bad. We didn't mean anything by this oversight. Glad we got that taken care of so quickly. Phew.

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