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22 January 2013

and... Best of the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Well, it appears work and parenting got in the way of our posting plans this week. Sigh. But here we are! With our second post for the 2013 Golden Globes. THE BEST. This one's fun. Because there was a lot of good. We have some usual favorites who we *always* love, and some welcome additions. So instead of grouping them in best categories, we'll just go through our favorites and tell you why. Because we're pretty sure you've been waiting for our opinions in order to determine your own favorites. HA!

So here we go... the BEST OF THE BEST of the Golden Globes Red Carpet:

We'll kick things off with a lady who literally never fails. Ever. She defines class and elegance, but also hits a home run every time in the Just Plain Cool category. Who can deny the fashion victory of the one and only Dame Helen Mirren (we seriously love the crap out of her, so if you disagree, keep your comments to yourself.):

M: I mean. Can basically everyone in the previous post take a lesson from DHM before the Oscars?! She looks freaking amazing. I basically pray every day that I'll be able to age at least 30% as incredibly as she has. This dress does everything right. And it hits one of the night's biggest trends: long sleeves. The detailing is perfection. And her styling is equally perfect. Hair, makeup, accessories. Home-freaking-run again. DHM, I salute you.

A: Do you think they will ever promote her from Dame to Queen? ha ha ha. I love her. I love that she is always age appropriate, but NEVER dowdy. CLASS ACT. (Side note: If you are also a Helen Mirren fan, you NEED to check out the spread In Style did on her in the February issue.)

Next up: Jennifer Garner.

M: Again, for me here Jennifer has hit the nail on the head in the details department. Okay, it doesn't hurt that this dress is fabulous, and the color is insane-good. But it's the whole look that makes a winner, no? Yes. Trust me. And her hair (color and style) is beautiful, those earrings are beautiful, and the fact that she let the dress basically do the talking for itself, and didn't muddy the look up with tons of jewels and a bag (blah blah blah) just shows that she knows how it's done. You get an A from me, Ms. Garner. And a star. And a high-five.

A: I, too, loved this one. I like the sparkle to the red and the fit. I love love love when people go minimal on all other things (accessories, makeup) when they have a killer dress and Jennifer Garner is a great example.   

We also loved Kate Hudson:

Check out a close-up of that neck:

M: I must admit I'm not usually a huge Kate Hudson fan. I can't tell you why, exactly, but it is what it is. On E!'s Fashion Police, the majority of the panel wished she'd pulled her hair up to highlight that crazy good neck detail. But I think Kate did this dress and herself justice by styling it the way that she did. The fit is incredible, right? But this dress is really all about that keyhole and the neck. And she did the styling so light because anything else would have competed and distracted. I love that she wore her hair so loosely - she looks beautiful AND comfortable. And I also love the very simple stud earrings. Gorgeous.

A: I totally agree with you on the hair, M. I think the dress would have looked too severe and if her hair was up. The hair fits with her personality. I'll reiterate - I love when everything else is kept minimal to highlight a KILLER dress.

And here's Emily Deschanel:

M: Embellished shoulders were another highlight of the GGs and Emily's choice is fab-u-lous. Emily could give Zooey a fit tutorial when it comes to Red Carpet-wear, am I right?! This is hitting all the right notes. Smooth, sleek, sophisticated, with styling to match. Love how the embellishment is exclusively at the shoulders. It just makes the whole thing so so chic.

A: This Deschanel got it RIGHT! LOVE THIS ONE! I think this, and the other black dresses in this list, just did a great service by choosing black but jazzed-up black. I will always love black dresses, but they get the reputation of being the "safe" choice. I think what I loved so much about this Red Carpet is that the black dresses were anything but "safe." Here again - minimal styling leads to maximum effect.

Representing another Red Carpet trend (winter white) is Anne Hathaway:

M: The more I see this dress, the more I come to actually love it. We were originally going to give Anne an Honorable Mention, but I think this is another fashion winner of the night. That short hair cut is so flattering, and she has a really beautiful neck, actually, so I love that she went with no jewelry and just let her own beauty accessorize a very simple, beautiful dress. The hemline perfectly skims the carpet, which I think is really cool. It gave her a floating effect. And the all-over-white-sequins are just gorgeous and mermaid-like. Beautiful.

A: She is just so pretty. I love her short hair and the sleek sophistication of this dress. Her makeup is perfection as well.

Another always-favorite for us is Marion Cotillard:

M: I love her. She can do no wrong in my book. This is such a cool, different, interesting look. Going shorter is often considered less Red Carpet appropriate, but this to me is every bit a gown as a full-length number. I love the color, I love the draping, I love the belt, I love the shoes, I love her sleek hair. I just love her.

A: Ditto. I have such a major crush on her. I really am not the biggest fan of her shoes - the color seems a little off to me,  but she gets more leeway on this because she's Marion. I think this dress was a winner for me the moment I heard her say "Christian Dior haute couture" to Ryan Seacreast. I need a French accent. ASAP.

And here's a surprise, for us as much as we're sure it is for you... Taylor Swift?!

M: Let's get the fact that this is great simply for its deviation from her usual sweet-little-All-American look out of the way. Because it's so much more than that. Color: fierce. Cut: glamorous. Stunning from every angle. And again, styled so perfectly. Her hair looks great, and complements the dress beautifully. It's a show piece, after all. And her jewels and makeup are also perfect. I love this look. I'm so glad she went this route. It's amazing on her.

A: She does look good, even if it is Taylor Swift. I'll give it to her. I have to applaud someone who finally breaks the mold (JLo could take a lesson from this girl). However, I did like her white gown at the People's Choice awards better than this. My favorite Taylor Swift moment of the night was when she was caught on camera glowering when Adele was announced the winner of the song category.

And our final Best Dressed nomination goes to Naomi Watts:

M: I was pretty sure she was going to be my number 1 Best Dressed of the night all along (though we're not necessarily giving away a Best of the Best designation here in this post). Without looking like she was trying too hard (in fact, she looks effortless here), Ms. Watts hit several of the night's/season's trends: oxblood, long sleeves, keyholes, old Hollywood glam. And she hit every one of them to absolute perfection. I can't stop thinking about how gorgeous she looked. This color choice is truly bold, and everything else she did, from the hair to the clutch to the makeup to the jewels completes the look to a T. I wish I had some sort of event ever in my life (I already know that I don't) for which I could emulate this look. I die for it.

A:  She's the best of the best. There. I said it. :)

So what do you think of our choices? Agree across the board? Disagree? Did we miss anyone?

Onwards to the next show! We love awards season!

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  1. Helen Mirren - perfection as always.

    I'm glad you guys liked Kate Hudson's dress. I loved it, but wasn't sure if I was delusional or not.

    I liked Anne Hathaway's dress, but thought her hair could have been styled cooler. It looked like everyday short hair, not fancy short hair.

    Naomi Watts was my favorite too!! I loved the color, shape, and long sleeves!!