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31 March 2011


I had a dollhouse as a little girl. It wasn't the fanciest, but holy crap did I adore it. Partially, I loved that it was handed down/loaned (?) to me by the daughter of family friends who I just idolized. She was older, cool, pretty, and she, too, had loved her dollhouse, but at the time was just old enough to think abandoning your dollhouse was the right "cool" move to make. If it was a loaner, they never came calling for it, and I hope (hope!) it's still in my parents' basement or garage, because I'd love to revisit it, or revive it, someday for a daughter of my own maybe. Anyway, I'm reminded of this dollhouse because I just saw a "modern" dollhouse on a sale on The Foundary. Um... This was not my dollhouse! Not by a mile! Living in an apartment at the time of my dollhouse acquisition, my three-floor Victorian (I think) was a mansion! A fancy mansion! A dream-house! But this is beyond. This is more than incredible. It's stunning.

(Emerson House)

Are you kidding me?! This souped-up mini-abode makes my mansion-of-memory look like a slum! How cool is this?! Brought to us by Brinca Dada, a NY-based " of people who believe that toys don't need to be noisy or flashy to be exciting..." and "...that toys shouldn't be marked 'For Display Only'..." and that "...Toys should be beautiful and fun..." and so they " toys that parents love to look at and children love to play with." They have dollhouses, and dollhouse furniture, and dolls. Here's another house:

(Bennett House)

I am in awe. My mind is legit blown. These are COOL. I want to *live* in these. I want to miniaturize myself and my husband and my dog and move right in.

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