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30 March 2011

Pretty Art

If you ask me what my favorite art medium is, without hesitation, I say photography. But I've been trying to expand my art appreciation recently, and am looking in every direction for art and work that inspires me and makes me smile or feel or gasp or pause. And now that I'm looking, I'm finding it everywhere, and I just want it all!

Here are some examples of beautiful and startling art I've found recently, thanks to other bloggers, friends, and my own meandering Internet searching...

My friend RD linked me to Etsy artist HamjArt's Heavenly Creatures. I'm blown away by these colors and the expressions on the faces in these beautiful pieces... I am a fan for life. I will have several of these in my possession soon (if I can only choose!):


I have mentioned that I'm a celebrator of the Google Reader already. This next one comes from one of my subscriptions, Unstitched. A post yesterday led me to Guy Stevens' talent... his paintings and prints are so dreamy and fantasy-like, and just gorgeous. Each one of them. How to choose? Check these out:


I can't remember how I found Flora Douville, but I just love the simple ease of her work, and the whimsy in some of her illustrations. Plus she has some beautiful photographic pieces, too. I think one of my fast-growing art favorites is watercolor. Here are some delightful examples of her work (not just watercolors):


I discovered artist Robert Ryan (here's his blog) thanks to Lonny Magazine's Lonny Blog. How incredible are these prints? I am just stunned by the intricate paper-cut technique that created the base of the images. They're just beautiful. He has other stuff, too. His Etsy shop is chock-full of lovely things... some samples:


I know this is getting long, so I'll slow it down, but there's just so much! This will be the last one for this post (I'll save some more for another day!). From the Etsy shop The Haunted Hollow Tree, here are some drawings and prints that just have me dumb-struck...


Pretty art makes me happy!

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