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29 March 2011

Start at the Beginning

The idea for this blog has been marinating in my brain (and heart) for some time, but lately has been really nudging at me more and more, such that I finally started playing around with ideas on both paper and screen. And here I am. After three days of obsessing over fonts and feeling anxious about all the stuff I just wanted to get out of my head and my Google Reader and inter-web bookmarks, I moved onto obsessing over starting this thing for real. I have a couple of other blogs (Home Sweet Schwab and Reading Without Borders), but both of those are so intention/direction specific, that I honestly didn't think - I just started writing and posting. And both just are what they are. This one, though, even just in name, already means more to me, and I haven't even developed any CONTENT yet!

My grandma collected owls. Not in a kitschy way, but in a cool, classy, stylish way. When she was ill and my family was helping my grandfather pack up their house, my mother asked me if I wanted anything specific, as I wasn't there to be part of the process. I asked for a salad bowl, and one owl. Soon after that, I received a small package that included the salad bowl, and a small wooden box she used to keep on her night stand. The cover is etched with the image of two owls on a branch. Inside it was one beautiful, tiny, ceramic owl, which now sits on my nightstand (the box is in top drawer of said nightstand). In the time since that little owl has taken its place by my bed, I've come to love his simplicity, and to admire and absorb my Gram's appreciation for this wise, elegant species. Within the last year or so, I've noticed that I'm drawn to owls subconsciously, not yet collecting, but maybe soon picking up where she left off? I don't know. I just love them, and when I was thinking about carving out a nook in the blogosphere for my own thoughts, interests, musings, amusements, loves, likes, yikes, etc., it just seemed like I had to tie the owl in somehow. If my Gram was the Owl (she might not have appreciated this allusion so much, sorry!), then I would be the Owlet. So there it was.

As for content, that will come. I was telling a friend the other day that my fascination and obsession with my Google Reader was, I thought, getting out of hand. Hopefully this will help me sort some of those pieces out into more manageable, less-inbox-assaultive chunks. This will take shape as I go, and hopefully you'll like what you see. I hope you'll join me and let me know what you think. Born out of love (and yes, some work-day boredom), here I present: Owlet. My little personal blog, and collection of musings, amusements, and other stuff I'm currently enjoying.

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