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02 November 2011

Photo Challenge Day 2

What I wore today. This one's embarrassing. I forgot my camera today, so I could either wait until I got home from work (not the best option, since upon crossing the threshold into my home each day, I basically immediately transform into a sweatpants-clad slob), or use my iPhone camera, which is more challenging. Long story short, the only full-length mirror at my office is in the bathroom... so. Well, there it is. And here it is:

(so ashamed of photographing in the bathroom that I had to shield my face)

(okay, fine, now you know I'm in the bathroom... big deal!)

(and a better, though still slightly blurry, shot of the outfit)

Top: Old Navy chambray tuxedo top (last year)
Pants: Target (also old)
Mustard ruffle kitten heels: Target (old)
Belt: New! from Presence, a small store in the Andersonville neighborhood here in Chicago
(Hair: still kind of Richy Sambora-esque, alas)

It is what it is, I suppose. I'll try to use my real camera from now on. I'll also try not to take pictures in the ladies room.

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