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17 November 2011


So, I'm breaking the trend here with my all-Photo Challenge posts for the month because I'm stumped. I've been really enjoying my writing class through the Gotham Writers' Workshop. I've read three weeks' worth of lectures and submitted two assignments. This week's assignment, due before 11/22, is stumping me for some reason, and thus I am posting to see if anyone else can help jump-start my inspiration!

The lesson this week is on individuality... this includes specific topics like journaling, using your own life/experience as a prompt, and voice. The assignment, in summary: list five things you hate (really anything... "big" things like world leaders who lie, or more unique and minor things, like carpet). Pick the “hate” you find most interesting, and write a short piece presenting your “hate”—what it is, why you hate it. (If you would rather not write about a hate, write about something you love. Just change “hate” to “love” throughout the assignment.)

For some reason I just can't get started. I think it's that this is so broad I can't focus. If I try to think of things I hate, the first things that pop into my head are: people who don't say excuse me, and asparagus. These are BO-RING. I don't know what I would say about them beyond that I hate them. And I'm pretty sure I couldn't ramble for 500 words on why.

So. I seek your input to help me get my own gears turning. PLEASE. Please! Please post a comment with something (or things) you hate and would love to randomly rant about. I just need to hear (see?) some ideas to push my brain into gear.


You'll be rewarded in handsome virtual high-fives.


  1. i'm glad you posted an update on the workshop!

    what if you write a love/hate thing - like things you both love and hate? or alternatively, you could write about something you used to hate but now love/like now that you're older/wiser/etc.

    (i actually really would like to hear why you hate asparagus, ha ha ha)

  2. hate:
    -the m word (m-ture)
    -passive aggression

    -cha xiu bao;
    -looking in an ikea catalogue to see the myriad ways to organize one's possesions and wishing a) you could afford an all-at-once makeover, and b) that you could afford to do that with solid wood furniture and not the plywood and canvas that ikea peddles in.