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14 September 2011

A Big Decision... Well, a Decision Anyway.

In an effort to push myself into sorting out my own life/goals/plans/passions sooner rather than later, and as a means of forcing myself out of the little self-pity-party-funk in which I've found myself wallowing recently, I made a big decision today, and took action!

Okay, so it's not really all thanks to myself. My sweet, loving husband and good ol' R helped me with gentle pushes of encouragement. But ultimately, I had to do something, so I yelled at myself in my head boot camp-general style and then just pulled the trigger and signed up for a creative writing course offered through the Gotham Writers' Workshop. PHEW. (also: AK!)

(Ph: Daily Candy)
I'm excited. Apprehensive and nervous, but also excited. In contrast to my journalism education, I actually have a long and strong background in creative writing that I somehow abandoned over the years. But I have several started-and-never-finished-for-no-good-reason stories, short story collections, and other snippets collected in all sorts of places. Lately I've been feeling strongly like something needs to change. Unfortunately, the economy has not supported my mid-career crisis, and I've had to be more practical and realistic (or at least have felt like I have to be those things) than aspirational. But then today Daily Candy Deals offered a discount on the course and it just felt like a good chance to at least get inspired, so I just went ahead and grabbed a creative outlet when it was handed to me.

While Gotham Writers' Workshop is the leading private creative writing school in New York City, several courses are also offered online, and Forbes selected these as “Best of the Web.” That's good, right? (I'm so nervous! Even though I'll be working on my own time from the safety of my own home/computer... odd.)

This is one of those close your eyes and jump moments for me. I'm self-conscious, but feel like I need to do something now or else feel further stuck in my own rut. And if I can't necessarily change jobs or even careers at will, at least I can further my own interests and talents and passions on the side, right?

So here I go...


  1. Woo hoo!!! I think it sounds wonderful!

  2. Good luck! That is so exciting!! I am super proud of you.