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15 September 2011

Patterned Tights

Well, I guess I'm coming to terms with the cooler weather as I have found myself increasingly excited about fall fashion. Though I will still say that the fact that I had to pull out a jacket, a scarf, boots and tights today is a little too much too soon. That said, I did pull out some tights, and it's been so long since I've worn them that I forgot about what I had. And the tights I'm wearing today (greyish brown with a tone-on-tone diamond pattern) are super fun, so I guess I'm over the fact that I *had* to wear tights today. #OhChicago.

Anywhos, so looking through my collection this morning I realized that some have to go, and that I need to rebuild the collection up a bit, especially since I'm determined to wear more skirts this fall/winter (oh dear, I said the 'w' word!). And I'm really loving patterned tights right now. I mean, I also love the way an opaque solid-colored tight pops an outfit, but the patterns are just so great everywhere right now. So many cute, stylish options!

(Nordstrom--ooh, also fab in bordeaux!)
(Forever21 - also in 4 other colors!)

So what do you say? Are you on board with patterned tights? Or solid only? Or hose (ew! sorry if you're a hose fan)?

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  1. I love patterned and textured tights! Very cheap and easy way to change the look on a simple skirt!