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12 September 2011

Fashion Week Wow: Prabal Gurung

Remember when I ooh'd and aah'd over Prabal Gurung for J.Crew back in the spring? Well, his show at Fashion Week is even more breathtaking. I think I'm in love with Prabal Gurung. His creativity is envious. His use of shape is just so purposeful and flattering and beautiful. Texture, textile, structure, airy softness... it's the perfect amount of everything! In each piece! And on top of that, his colors are straight-up ferocious (though I obviously took a particular liking to his purples and black-and-whites... in my defense, those are pretty much the best purples and blacks-and-whites possible). Take a look:

(I am basically weeping over this one... Someone had better wear it this awards season, or else!)

And the styling is perfection.

(full show slideshow here)

What do you think? Are you choking on your own drool as much as I am? Who else have you seen from FW that is blowing you away?

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