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21 September 2011

Emmy 2011 Recap #4: Back to Black

Who doesn't love the LBD (Little -- or Long -- Black Dress)? We'll tell you who: Red Carpets. The Carpet is where stars have a big fashion moment, and quite often, a black dress is deemed "safe" or "boring" by the critics. As such, it's frequently avoided. But both of us are in the LBD camp all the way. When it's done right, we think the black dress can be the total scene stealer (as was the case with Evan Rachel Wood's stunner mentioned in Recap #1). Still, some celebs default to black and get it wrong anyway. And if you fail at the LBD, then shame on you.

Here are some black numbers from Sunday's show that caught our eyes... both yeas and nays:

Shawn Robinson

M: I think Shawn Robinson has been waiting since Prom '98 to wear this dress again. And it's doing nothing for her. Though I usually think halters do good things for a lady, this is not such a case. The proportions look off. Maybe it's that big dark waistband that seems too high, making her torso look all stretched out and weirdly elongated? Maybe it's that the halter is pulled too tightly, effectively mushing her boobs into her chest? Maybe it's that her hair is so tight that her head looks pea-sized in relation to her hips? This same dress in *all black* could have been a winner, I think. But the black lace over the cream underlay just looks a little too... not good.

A: I feel like Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight is on in the background and my wrist is itching from the elastic band of my corsage. In other words - I agree with your Prom-tastic assessment, M. The waist band is way too high - cutting into her ribs instead of her waist and therefore her real waist gets lost in the process. SHAME.

Naya Rivera

M: One sad thing about black dresses on the RC is that they're often difficult to photograph in such a way as to highlight all their fabulousness. This is a perfect example. I think this dress is glorious. And I think Naya looks absolutely beautiful in every way. But I think we're missing details in the photo that would have taken our breath away in person. Still, BIG DOUBLE thumbs up from me.

A: I loved this dress. The pleating on the bodice is interesting but in a subdued way. The dress hugs her curves and does fantastic things for Naya's silhouette.

Kaley Cuoco

M: Sweet and pretty. This is one where pattern/texture allow the lovely to shine through on black. I really, really liked this dress. It's a *great* cut, and I love that it hits above the ankle so she could pop out some perfect bright shoes.

A: Agreed again! I initially saw this dress from the waist up and was like, "Oh, ok." And then I saw a full-length view and instantly liked it. It was a fun dress on a fun personality and perfectly executed. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

M: FAIL! I hate this look, and it bothers me to say that. It's trying so hard, isn't it? I wish that the sheer part in the middle weren't there so badly I could fight someone about it. Does anyone disagree and want to fight me over it? I'm mostly bark and no bite, so you'd probably win by default. Back to the dress. Gwyneth just usually gets it better than right, and still looks like she had the calmest, easiest getting-ready experience. She personifies the overused "effortless" word when it comes to her RC fashion. But this. THIS!? No. That middle bit which makes it look like you're supposed to think it's a two-piece outfit but it isn't sucks. It sucks because it exposes the wrong part of her, thus making her look like she's got muffin top (where you know she doesn't) instead of making you want to kill someone over her rock-hard stomach. It makes her look soft. SOFT. On top of looking like she cares too much, instead of not at all.

A: Ok. Visitors from my blog KNOW how much I love me some GP. But this is awful for all of the reasons enumerated above. I think if this was one piece, I would have liked it but that is one muffin I will pass on. 

Mayim Bialik

M: Yes, this black number is not very exciting, we know. However, it is pretty. And she does look great. And I'm excited to see Blossom again, and not on What Not to Wear. Aren't you?

A: WOAH! I almost wanted Six to be right next to her. I am not a fan of this look. I think the dress is fine but paired with that hair she looks frumpy and matronly. I think I will pass on this. 

Michelle Forbes

M: I do not know this Michelle Forbes gal, but she's pretty, isn't she? So the dress isn't especially a wow. It reminds me of one or two RC dresses of yore that were in other colors and did in fact "wow" (I'm thinking specifically of Penelope Cruz at the Oscars in 2007), so for me it's not a black dress zinger, but a black dress meh.

A: I actually love this woman on both True Blood, where she scared the sh** out of me as the maenad Marianne, and more recently on AMC's The Killing, which left everyone hanging at the end of Season 1. I liked the dress but, as M pointed out, it reminds me of a look that has been done again and again. Penelope Cruz's version back in 2007 remains burned in my memory as such a wow moment that any follow-up is always met with "meh."

Anna Paquin

M: Anna likes black and gold, both separately and as a combo (Google-image search that. You'll agree). This is fine. Not exciting at all, not really bad per se. She was a presenter, and not a nominee, so I guess she didn't think she had to shine, but don't you always want to shine?

A: Eh. I was not a fan of this. I have nothing more to say.

Lena Heady

M: So, both A and I missed this dress on the RC Sunday night, and discovered it only thanks to E!'s Fashion Police last night. I have not decided how I feel about it. It's definitely a scene-stealer in terms of shaking things up, but it's also heavy and long-sleeved and witchy/Amish looking. Still, holy crap girlfriend is just absolutely gorgeous! I feel I'm going to start hating her soon, because she's going to be that could-be-in-a-potato-sack girl who still looks fantastic. For now, though, I'm just enjoying how pretty she is, how much I love her hair/makeup, and how she took a chance on the RC. Worth noting - she wore hot pink shoes with this that sadly didn't make the photo, but I think that's awesome.

A: This woman could convince me to abandon ship on the grow-my-hair-out plan. How beautiful is she?! I liked this dress because it was different from anyone else and it worked. Even the pose exudes this "who cares? I know I look great" attitude. I agree that it was probably a bit heavy for the occasion. Unlike M, I was not a fan of the shoe choice - I liked the color but they were too clunky for my tastes.

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