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22 September 2011

Emmy 2011 Recap #5: Trend Report

Every time we do this post-awards rehash extravaganza, A&I dwell on what we expertly have identified as that particular awards show's/season's hot trends. We use words like "hot" to describe said trends because, as mentioned, we're experts at this (#stillnotgettingpaidthough). The biggest trend the other experts are yammering about is Red, which we already went over ever-so-cleverly here. So, without further ado, here are three additional HOT TRENDS we noticed on the Emmy 2011 Red Carpet (Note: we're going to try to whittle down our example photos for each trend so as to try to reduce the length of the post... we're not promising success in brevity, but we'll do our best, and that's all you can ask of us, right?):

A few examples of this trend were already provided in other themed posts, for sure. These include Gwyneth, Amy Poehler, Evan Rachel Wood, Lea Michele, and Kate Winslet. But short sleeves were everywhere, and I can only speak for myself when I say that I thought they were fantastic! I love love loved them. Even though Gwyneth's dress was ick, the sleeves were cool. Short sleeves on *fancy* gowns are unusual, and strapless-es, one-shoulders, and generally any other look that exposes arms and shoulders are more traditionally considered glamorous. But I for one found the sleeves new and fresh and pretty cool (I typed that in the SNL Miley Cyrus voice, FYI, so you should probably read it that way for full effect). Here are two others who rocked this trend:

(Jayma Mays)
M: Okay, so there's a lot (basically everything) about this look that I don't like, I do love what the short sleeves are doing. I like the lacy details and how delicate her arms look. Let's throw out the rest and redesign a dress around those sleeves.

A: This look gets nominated for the Pretty In Pink award - meaning, it looks like something Molly Ringwald's character whipped up. However, I do LOVE the sleeves and the color on Jayma's skin.

(Christine Baranski)
M: If this is what 59 looks like, then I'm okay with that. Christine Baranski look fan-flippin'-tastic. The sleeves just add to what is anyway a perfect black gown (win!). She looks chic, and sexy, and her body looks amazing. The short sleeve is only highlighting her fit, gorgeous arms.

A: When I grow up, I want to look just like Christine Baranski (or Helen Mirren). Period. 

M: What she said. 

Again, we've already mentioned at least one of these (Lea Michele), but we definitely noticed some other gowns that gave a little something from the back. But first, a close-up of Lea's back:

You know we both loved Evan Rachel Wood's gown, but did you know it also looked amazing in back?

And here's one we haven't mentioned, Olivia Munn. This dress looked a bit jacked-up from the front as it really didn't fit her well at all and made her thighs look huge, but it did feature a very pretty back (also, the color's lovely):

This trend could also be called No Effort or Fire Your Stylist. It includes what we'd say was a totally disappointing miss on hair/makeup/accessories. The principal offender here was Julianna Margulies, who we covered in Recap #1, and other examples mentioned in previous posts include Clare Danes and Kerry Washington. But there were others. Voila:

(Jennifer Carpenter)
M: With better hair (maybe a sleek low ponytail instead of ruffled air-dry?), this could have been a really gorgeous look. But for me, the Boo Hair ruins it.

A: Yes this dress is sparkly and non-strapless, two things which always grab my attention, however, the lackluster hair kills it. I feel like Jennifer Carpenter thinks she is Jennifer Aniston here. 

M: Interesting suggestion, A... 

(Ellie Kemper)
M: Okay, I didn't even recognize Ellie Kemper (from The Office) for a while here, and I blame her bad hair and makeup. Those heavy bangs combined with heavy eyes are just distracting and disguising. Again, I bet with the right hair and makeup I would have loved this dress/look.

A: Doesn't this remind you of the big bang curl you used to do in grade school and then spray it to death with White Rain hairspray?! 

(Kristen Wiig)
M: I rather loved this look in general, actually. But A nominated her for no-effort-on-the-hair, and I kind of agree. Something up-swept would have highlighted that fabulous plunging neckline, and she could have some awesome earrings under there, but we don't know, because she forgot to do her hair. The color and cut of that dress are amazing, though.

A: The dress is awesome. I love it. I do not love the hair that looks flat and lifeless.

(Rachael Harris)
M: I get the geek chic look, and I kind of like it. But here we've proven why cool nerdy glasses don't an accessorized finished look make. Blah, undone hair and zero bling anywhere. Without good hair and jewelry this black dress is just boring. And I submit that *with* good hair and jewelry, it could have been a stand-out in the black dress category.

A: SNORE. YAWN. What?! Sorry. I was sleeping.

So those are our big ones. Agree or disagree? Or agree to disagree? Did you notice any other trends at the Emmy's? What did we overlook? Speak up! <we're just joshin' ya, not really yelling at you!>

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