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07 September 2011

Warm Me

I'm not sure how on-board I am with the fact that we've clearly transitioned out of summer seemingly instantly here (Seriously, on Monday I was walking the dog and noticed leaves changing color! Already!), but it is forcing me to forge head-on into my fall wardrobe and acknowledge what will (still) work, what just won't do anymore, and what simply needs to be replaced. Falling right into that latter category is my transitional coat situation. I need a new wool coat. One that will work once Chicago's (very) brief fall turns swiftly into... we'll say "colder" rather than the dreaded 'w' word, utterance of which will easily have all of my fellow Chicagoans chasing me with medieval-style weapons and hunting me down for inviting the season too soon. Too dramatic? You haven't been here in cold, cold March if you think that's too much. Lost my train of thought there for a moment. I was saying... I need a coat that will work in chillier fall, but will also work when fall fades into the not-totally-devastatingly-freezing-but-still-colder-than-fall "colder" season.

I've been in need of a wool coat update for a bit, but have been dragging my feet, allowing my desire for more fall boots (whee!) to supersede my outerwear needs at least two seasons running. It's that bad. So, this year it's a priority. And I intend to address this priority sooner rather than later. Here are my requirements for said coat: 1) not short; 2) not long; 3) so mid-length, probably; 4) not black (I've done a black wool coat ... um ... since I ever owned a wool coat, so it's time for a change!); some sort of great detailing (read: belt or buttons or big collar or shoulder flaps or hood)... I think that's it. But for now I will focus on #4 - color. I am thinking camel or grey or green. OR... should I go pattern?! What do you think? Here are some good looking styles in these color categories (for now):

(Bloomingdales - this one's Burberry and totally out of reach)
(Old Navy)
(Top Shop - Chicago store opens tomorrow!)


  1. Damn! the burberry one is my favorite. They all are cute but I think the ASOS green one would look FAB on you. Out of the neutrals, I like the first Piperlime best.

  2. I want them all!!! Sadly, in Boston, I feel like there is only like 2 weeks where you can get away with a coat like these and then the rest of the winter I'm bundled in my head to toe puff coat...

  3. Ah what gorgeous coats!! Of course the Burberry one is my favorite haha, but I adore the green ASOS one! And a bit more affordable!