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16 September 2011

Feels Like Home

Now that I've begun to make peace (sort of) with the close of summer, I'm officially transitioning into one of the things about fall that makes me wistful and nostalgic: feeling sorry for myself for not living in New England at this time of year. Nothing says "Welcome, Fall" like New England foliage changes... I'm partial to Western Massachusetts, of course, but that's just me. The 413 never looks more beautiful than it's about to start looking... and I'm missing it. Pity Party commences... now!

So, to send you off into a true fall weekend, here's a beautiful shot I found of our (apparently I speak now for all Western Massachusetts-ians, or at least all Pioneer Valley-ers) stunning Quabbin Reservoir in fall (how pretty is it where I grew up, for crying out loud?!). I've already made this my desktop wallpaper:

(photo by John Burk, via Fine Art America)
Next week we're trying something new here at Owlet. I'll be co-blogging with my good friend A to recap the Emmy's fashion, a tradition we usually repeat over extensive email exchanging in the week following any/all awards shows, and which we're finally launching for public consumption.

In the meantime... who wants some warm apple cider?! Happy Weekend...

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  1. M, I was perusing your emmy picks (hilarious - made my day) and saw this post as well. I am going through fall-withdrawal. BIG TIME here in CA. My first non-NE fall in six years. I see people post on FB about dunkin donuts coffee with pumpkin flavor and I become a puddle. Love love love this pic. Happy Fall!