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01 November 2011

Writing and Photographing

Two things. Today is the first day of my writing class with the Gotham Writer's Workshop! I'm excited and anxious and first-day-of-school giddy about getting started (even though it's online and no one will see my outfit or nerves!).

In light of this commencement, and in acknowledgement of the attention and dedication I want to give it, I've also decided to participate in this for the month:

I'm not a great photographer, or even a very good one, really. Sometimes I get lucky. But I really enjoy taking photographs, and I really love photography as both an outlet and an art. I've seen this little challenge summary on Pinterest here and there, and today it popped up on Metal and Mud, and I thought this feels like a good time to give it a shot and get my practice on. So, I think I may go mostly wordless in November, focusing my writing efforts on my class work, and simultaneously trying to capture a little bit of visual something each day for the month. I will keep updating my books/book photo project entries, and if something comes up, I'll give it some real estate, but for the most part, I'll try to stick to the photo challenge for posts, and see what comes of it.

We'll see what comes of it all!


  1. Perfect timing!! (But then again, that may be why the course starts today and you probably already knew that. ha)

  2. That sounds cool! How was class?!?!