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12 January 2012

Awards Season is Here!

Awards season is definitely underway! The People's Choice Awards were last night, and the Golden Globes are on Sunday. If you were reading along with this little blog last September, you may recall the joint venture that A and I brought to the blogosphere (traditionally done over a series of 800 back-and-forth emails following any awards show) where we recapped the Emmy's fashion (click here to review). Well, we're going to be back with full-force ASAP, but since A has been away on vacation, I'm going to hold off on reviewing the PCA fashion until she has time to review the photo footage. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't actually watch the PCAs last night, but I have been scrutinizing all of the arrival shots all morning and gathering my thoughts.

Just to whet your appetite for our spectacular combination of clever wit, comedy, and right-on-the-money assessments of everything awards fashion, I'll give you one hit and one miss from today's recaps:

Preview PCA Hit

Julianne Hough. I want to give this gal a shout-out because she has missed so terribly (and irresponsibly - girl is beautiful, and every time she fails on a red carpet all I can think is that it's a dang shame, frankly, that she's trying too hard) on red carpets past. But last night she nailed it - and it was really a stunner look from head to toe. Her hair and makeup looked fantastic and fresh, and her dress was show-appropriate, and perfect on her.

Preview PCA Miss

Demi Lovato. I actually think DL is a beautiful girl. And I think she's come out of a painful and difficult experience with strength and brilliance, so I want good things for her, really (like I know her or something?!). But, I just think she got it all wrong for this awards show. Starting at the top, while I think her hair color is gorgeous (and maybe I want to copy it?), the styling is way too old and formal for the PCAs. This awards show is less formal and more casual, it's lighter-hearted and young and fun. Her dress is too... too! It's just too much. And, while I love that she's now embracing her curvy figure, I just think this is not fitting her right. Her yabbos are kind of exploding out of there, aren't they? I do like the color on her skin tone, though. But overall, it's just a bit too pageant for my liking, and a good bit overdone for the PCAs.

More to come... stay tuned!

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