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16 January 2012

Globes Recap #1: Best & Worst

We're baaa-aaaack! So here we are again! It's the Golden Globes fashion recap this time, and I'm excited to co-blog with A again! I know I promised some more People's Choice recaps, but A was just getting back from vacation, so it was a little too much. That's okay. The Globes were just a few days later, and we're revved and ready to critique! Though there were several themes and trends to be rehashed and broken down, we're going to start with the basics and go for our best and worst. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, both A and I were off our usual games because of a certain football game and our gentlemen friends' confiscation of the televisions during red carpet time. Still, we watched the show itself, and have been reviewing all the photo recaps online today. So here we go!

BEST (in no particular order -- hey, this is hard work, people!). And there was lot's of good, so this was especially tough.

M's #1: Michelle Williams. I may love her look because I just love her, but I think she just looked fantastic from head to toe. Form-fitted with sleeves is a hard look to pull off for many women, but she really nailed it. The color was gorgeous, the pattern/detailing was interesting and not kooky, and the complementary styling was perfect. Plus, bonus points for pulling off that short hair style so beautifully because I cannot. Not all the critics liked this look, but for me, it was a winner.

A: This is my #1 as well. LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE it.

M's #2: Kate Beckinsdale. First of all, she's just disgustingly beautiful, can we agree on that? I just thought she looked amazing. Her body is fierce. The dress was understated color-wise, but still had so much interest. I love the fit on the bodice, and the way the fit-and-flare accentuates her figure. Her makeup and hair were perfect, and I love the monochrome with the dress and jewels. A+.

A: I agree with you M. I think Seth Rogan said it all during the ceremony about Kate.

M's #3: Sofia Vergara. I mean, again, she kills it/me every time. I love how much this woman embraces her curves. On the Today Show this morning they were talking about how the celebs prepare their bodies for these events, and the nutritionist guest said that SV eats full meals. GIRLFRIEND AFTER MY OWN HEART. I love everything about this woman, seriously, and I think she needs to win for Modern Family one of these days. But one thing she does win regularly is Red Carpet Fashion. She just gets it. Last night was no exception. The color makes me drool. The fit is outrageous. And she clearly understood the balance necessary between dress and styling. The gown had enough going on that she couldn't fight it with too much hair/accessories. So she went sleek and simple, and the outcome was utter perfection.

A: For real, M, you took ALL the good ones! ha ha just kidding. I also thought this was a winner. This dress just fit so WELL. Certain other celebrities (Ahem, Christina Hendriks) may want to look into Sofia V's stylist for how to dress with curves.

A: In the interest of providing more fodder and not "just" agreeing with M, I have added a few other looks that I thought were great last night:
#4: Diane Lane. I told M that I have a natural bias towards sparkly dresses and this was one of my favorite sparkly numbers last night. I love her hair and accessories and think the lipstick and nail color choices were spot on. I like how the beading around the waist draws your eye in and gives more curve to the dress versus just being a straight-hanging dress, which is what I would have expected for a dress like this.

M: Oh, yes. Diane Lane is one of those who just keeps getting better and better every year. She'll be among the ranks of our Helen Mirren one day.

#5: Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren is one of those that is always going to look good in my book. Just like my natural affinity towards sparkles, I have a bias for her. Who doesn't love her? She always dresses impeccablly and while her dress choices are age-appropriate, they still have interest and are not matronly. Meryl Streep, take note!

M: See what I said about Helen above. Always a show-stopper. Amen on the Meryl note, A!

#6: Kate Winslet. Ok, I might be taking a risk with this one, and I don't think the photo necessarily captures what I thought last night when I saw Kate move in this one. I really loved it. I like the gold accents in the jewelry, belt and purse and I love the black + white combination. Yes, this is a very "Kate Winslet" look, but I kinda love the "Kate Winslet" look.

M: I was going to mention this one, too... but not in a good way. Here's why in a nutshell: a) hair - she's done this hair so many times. It makes the look seem kind of tired to me. b) the sleeves - I don't love what they're doing to her arms. Maybe there was just a bad angle on tv, but I thought it made her arms look... well... not so cut. c) When I saw her walking up, I thought it came off too casual, like she didn't really bother. It's pretty, no doubt. And I tend to love black and white together, but... for KW, who always does glam so effortlessly, this was a disappointment for me.

And now...
WORST (also in no particular order)

M's #1: Jessica Biel. Okay, just because you're engaged doesn't mean you go bridal to all events. Save it for the Big Day, Jess! I just hated everything about this. It was lumpy looking! The lace looked old--and not in a cool, vintage kind of way, but in a sad, smells-like-mothballs kind of way. The shoulders were kind of biggish and weird, and her hair was too big (and un-done) so it was just a lot of big. It may have been *a little* better with a sleek pulled-back bun, at least. But no. And also, her shoes appear (in this photo) not to fit well - her toe's hanging off! Bad. Thumbs down.

A: BLECK. This IS terrible! I will admit that it takes a LOT for me to like a dress that is all lace. Lace details, I am good with, but completely lace, you have to knock it out of the park to get my vote and clearly Ms. Biel is striking out.

M's #2: Paula Patton. Oy vey. Paula, you're so lovely. But holy moly, this was a fail. Clearly the mermaid look was a big Red Carpet trend last night, but the look does not work for every body, and Paula proves it. Not only that, but the color was offensive and jarring. I can't say anything else. Just, no thank you. Please try again. Actually, it photographed better than it looked on live tv, but still. Blech.

A: Ick. I'm sorry but I just do not like canary bold yellow. Muted mustard-y yellow, Thumbs Up! Primary Color Yellow - Thumbs DOWN.

M's #3: Melissa McCarthy. I mean, come on, Missy. We've said this before: just because you're bigger does NOT mean you can't look fabulous! Girlfriend, a) please hire a professional stylist (Clinton Kelly does wonderful things for bigger women on What Not to Wear, maybe he's available?); b) take a note from the other not-so-petite ladies in attendance last night (i.e., Queen Latifah, Octavia Spencer). You are doing absolutely everything here to work against you. Please! PLEASE! Figure this out by the next Red Carpet!

A: Well said, M. Well said.

A: Here are 3 more worst dressed for you...

#4: Freida Pinto. If I looked like Freida Pinto (and I do not), I would not take a large blue piece of fabric and belt it around me like a tent. This look does not do anyone, large or small-bodied, ANY favors. If you ARE going to do this, at least pick a pretty fabric. This looks like something I would use to whip up a Little Mermaid costume for my daughter.

M: Here, here, A! (or is it hear, hear!?) Whichever, I agree. It basically doesn't fit. That's what this comes down to. And for such a lovely, lovely, YOUNG actress, it's a dang shame, frankly.

#5: Connie Britton. Maybe she didn't get the memo that this isn't a garden wedding, it's the Golden Freakin' Globes! She could maybe get a job hocking bump-it's since it is pretty clear she's a fan.

M: I can't expand on your magical words, A. But I'm giggling out loud.

#6: Morena Baccarin. For a split second, I thought this was Teri Hatcher in the early 80s - doesn't she look like it with that hairdo? Additionally, I do not like what this is doing to Morena's breasts. The dress is a little too S&M Bondage-esque for me.

M: meh. I think I would mind the boob area less if it didn't have that clear dividing line in there. Guess what, we know there are usually two boobs. But thanks for the visual. Good call, re: Teri Hatcher.

Alright... we'll be back with more tomorrow... and all week! Join us, will ya?!

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