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27 January 2012


Just popping in for a quick visit because I hate being so MIA over here. Things are still very topsy turvy in our world, but I think a little distraction de blog couldn't hurt a bit. Anyway... in light of this and other happenings, I've been thinking a lot about love lately. And with Valentine's Day approaching, it's hard not to think about it as it's everywhere commercially.

I've never been a celebrator of Valentine's Day in my romantic world. When Dave and I first started dating we were very poor grad students, and agreed then that we'd never buy into it, especially since we love each other every day, and tell each other multiple times a day. But with friends, I've always really liked the little love notes that St. Valentine inspires. My grandma and I used to always send each other cards on February 14. And I loved writing Valentines for my classmates, and decorating shoe boxes to collect Valentines on my desk in grade school.

Here are some simple and pretty little love tokens to share with friend loves (or romantic loves, if you do that!) in my style - I like to keep it to cards and homemades, myself...

(for just $4, this lovely postcard print from one of my favorites, Little Brown Pen, would make a sweet Valentine's card, or you could frame it and give it as a gift. There's also a beautiful 16X20 print of this graffiti art for purchase!)

(made on recycled paper and with veggie-based inks, cards like this one, by Sweet William on Etsy, are pretty special)
(I've shown love for Sparrow's Nest Script before, and my love of cards and stationery is no secret, but how sweet is this number?! Emily of SNS has some other purty Valentine's Day cards over in her Etsy shop.)

(friendship bracelets came back in this last year... they're fun and easy to make, and sweet and nostalgic to boot! what about a Valentine's Day-color-themed bracelet? nothing says love quite like homemade...)
(or another bracelet idea, the knot bracelet *symbolizing everlasting unity*, with instructions courtesy of the oh-so-crafty-and-creative Martha Stewart)
 (doodle/paint/draw your own card or image, and, as seen here-courtesy of the blog decor8-and use it as a card or ornamentation for wrapping a meaningful book or print you've found for your friend/love. )

(you might remember this photo from this post last summer... it's totally in the spirit of this post, too. plus, I love the idea of using a photo of you and a friend (or lover) as your Valentine... write an inscription on the back, or print with a border so you can etch something below or around the image, and mail it as a card, or pop it in a frame to say I love you in art.)

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you go traditional gifts, or get crafty and creative with your Love Day tributes? What's your best Valentine's Day gift - given or received?

Thanks for the love...


  1. I love (no pun) these. I'm all about a somewhat subdued V-Day myself.

  2. Such lovely finds, Maayan! I am honored to be included among them. Thank you! xo