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28 July 2011

A Shout-Out to Great Girlfriends

I need my best lady friends in my life. Really need  them. They (you) are my sanity, my touch-point, my centering, my grounding. They (you) make me laugh through my gut, catch my tears when I'm crying, hold my hand in silence when it needs to be held, speak and listen intently when there are serious matters on the table, and goof it up like a cartoon character when that's just what's called for. And without them (you), I don't know what sort of state my life would be in... honestly. I've been thinking all morning that I needed to do a post today about good friendship. Lots of reasons for it, none of which need divulging. I was trying to come up with the perfect Ode to Friends, when I happened upon this on Pinterest, and it said it all for me:

This fully and completely sums up who my best best friends are. They're up for it all, and they will be in my life forever and always. I'm so lucky.

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