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29 July 2011

Welcome Back, Project Runway!

Welcome back to my favorite quotable lovely TOPAMERICANDESIGNER (CFDALIFETIMEACHIEVEMENTAWARDWINNER)MICHAELKORS! Welcome back to the questioner of taste level Nina Garcia! Welcome back to Heidi's gorgeous hair. Welcome back to Tim Gunn and his charming and sophisticated snark. Ahhh... sometimes when it's been so long, I forget how much I utterly and completely love love love Project Runway!

Some early favorites from last night's premier:

(challenge winner and so-far-endearing-story-winner Burt and his fab dress. the hemline, especially in the back, made me drool a little)

(I wish there was a better shot of this look vertically... those pants were freaking gorgeous. Cut and dye-job.)

(another good story - cancer survivor and color blind - and a lovely design eye)

(styling, construction, design flare - gorgeous. I wish I found a shot of the back of this top - stunning)
Happy Weekend!

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