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18 July 2011

Special Occasion

I first want to say that Blogger is killing me right now (again). Unable to add images. Forgive the boring presentation of this post... grr... And furthermore, Blogger's now telling that I'm approaching storage capacity limit for images, after which point I'll have to pay for additional storage annually in order to add more photos?! Not happening. Searching for a solution. If someone has one, lemme know. Now, back to the intended subject matter of this post:

I broke my wrist in May. That sucked. For the duration of my six (turned six-and-a-half) week healing period, I decided to go on a dessert hiatus. I love dessert. Normally I eat it... let's just say multiple times a day. Cookies and ice cream are hands-down my favorite foods. I knew that since I couldn't work out as-normal while my wrist mended, I had to do something drastic--my normal dessert consumption could easily have gained me 15-25 lbs. in six weeks if I wasn't careful! In those weeks, I consumed only the sugar in my coffee and one single peanut butter cup at my friends' wedding. IMPRESSED?! You should be. I am!

Once I knew I could do it (and trust me, I didn't think I'd last AT. ALL.), I was inspired. I celebrated the end of the healing period with a delightful sugary treat, but then set a new goal: dessert only on weekends and special occasions. It's going well. I'm pleased and proud. Which is silly, I know, but get over it. I have.

So far I've had only weekends and no special occasions. Until today, methinks. IT'S THE MOST SPECIAL OF SPECIAL OCCASIONS: NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY! WHEEEEEE!

(imagine a great drool-inducing image of ice cream, glorious ice cream right about here...)

Now... to celebrate!