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12 July 2011

Walk This Way: My Favorite Quick-Fix Treadmill Workout

I have been meaning to document this workout for a while, mostly because my tattered page from the original magazine is quickly moving from readable paper to shredded dust and I need it! So, here it is. I've been carrying around this ripped-out page from Fitness Magazine's old feature, "This Month's 20-Minute Workout," since November 2007 (actually, probably since October 2007, since mags come out a  month early). It's fantastic.

(look how that puppy's held up!)
When I first saw it, and then tried it, I literally thought, this is *totally* new. I take it with me everywhere -- to work, since we have a fitness room, to the gym, and when I travel. It's 20 minutes of cardio/lower body strength interval magic that breezes by and then packs a punch. Just 20 minutes, people! Sure, you require a treadmill to do it, but if you have access, try this... I promise you'll see what I mean. If you can't decipher what that little image says, here's the workout:

0-2:00-->Incline 0, Speed 3.5: Start walking at a medium pace.
2:00-5:00-->Incline 5, Speed 4.5: Increase speed, walking briskly, pumping arms.
5:00-7:00-->Incline 11, Speed 3.5: Climb, using glutes and pushing off with heels.
7:00-9:00-->Incline 10, Speed 1: Carefully lunge forward with right foot, then left, repeat. (walking lunges)
9:00-11:00-->Incline 12, Speed 3.5: Climb.
11:00-13:00-->Incline 10, Speed 1: Lunge forward, alternating feet.
13:00-15:00-->Incline 12, Speed 3.5: Climb.
15:00-16:00-->Incline 1, Speed 7: Run.
16:00-17:00-->Incline 1, Speed 5.5: Jog to recover.
17:00-18:00-->Incline 1, Speed 7.5: Final sprint.
18:00-20:00-->Incline 1, Speed 5: Cool down.

This workout eventually led me to more running. My coworker who sometimes joins me in our office's fitness room upstairs calls this my "crazy" workout. But I promise it's great. It's my go-to default when I don't know what else to do, or don't have the energy to lift weights, and it's my go-to when I need a workout but don't have much time. Your heart rate will climb, you will sweat, and the next day your booty will feel it. You'll thank me for the recommendation in time.


  1. I appreciate your rgb-coded text to match the article's. :)

  2. This sounds perfect! I usually do a 35-45 minute run on the treadmill, but it gets soooo dull - really to the point that I don't want to do it anymore. This seems like a great way to use the treadmill in a new way!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!