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05 July 2011

Ikat Believe It!

Last week, Kendi (of Kendi Everyday) posted this:

I love her writing and I love her fashion. She's clever and funny and I enjoy that out of female writers more than I can say. I love so many things she puts together, but never have I jumped onto the purchase-because-I-saw-it train faster than I did after seeing this post. That skirt is FAH-BYOO-LUSS. The ikat pattern is charming but still neutral; it's navy not black, which is rad in my opinion; it's a great length that works for work and play; it's also from ModCloth, which is a lovely website I often visit but from which I have never previously purchased for some odd reason. CLICK. Bought it. And, voila, here it is in action:

(plus: a surprising gold zipper on the back - bonus if you ask me)
This post also serves as a promotional opportunity for my new favorite iPhone app: ShakeItPhoto, which obviously takes polaroids for you. I love how the photos look a little aged and a little grainy/gritty like a true polaroid, but I also love that the sound it makes when your photo loads is like a polaroid, and that you literally shake your phone to "develop" the image, shake it, shake-shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture.

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