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11 July 2011

Self-Deception and Self-Promotion

As I was walking from the bus to the office this morning, the sky turned very suddenly ominous-black. And when, at a corner, I felt a man running behind me, I turned around to give him the hairy eye (like, 'hey, don't run up behind a seemingly helpless woman, dude, because, I'll cut a bitc*!' (note: I probably wouldn't cut anyone, but I would follow the lessons I learned on Rosanne years ago, and kick a man in the bits and poke him in the eyes and run if I felt the situation called for it!)), and *actually* saw the storm moving toward me down the block. As I gingerly "ran" across the street (I'm in high wedges today, I can't risk really running and turning an ankle!), I got prickled with BB gun-strength pellet-rain that appeared out of nowhere. Also, the wind took it upon itself to muss up my hair. I got inside and settled in my office, where the windows were visibly shaking (that's comforting), and I thought, I would soooo rather be tucked into my bed/couch with my book today. My coworker Luz agreed: today should have been a "work from home" day!

So, self-deception: I'm mentally returning myself to my yesterday, which was spent, in part, on the beach behind my building, just me, my book, and the sunshine:

And self-promotion: the book you can see I'm currently reading is The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. And I'm reading it for my virtual book group, Reading Without Borders. We conduct all of our discussions throughout each month electronically, via a Google Group to which all members subscribe. If you'd like to join, just shoot me an email (hellerms [at] gmail [dot] com)!

Now... back to "work" I suppose...

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