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23 February 2012

Aging Beautifully

Do you use a night cream?

One of the most drilled-into-me lessons I got from my Grandma was related to skin care. She'd sit me down on the edge of her bed, facing her vanity, as she got ready when I visited, and repeat the following mantra: "You MUST put lotion on your face, neck and ears every morning when you wake up and every night before bed. THAT is the secret to beautiful, youthful skin." I literally got that lesson on every visit. And to her last day, truly, my Gram had the most beautiful, softest, wrinkle-free skin you ever saw. So I take that lesson to heart.

There was a turning point in my skin-care regime five or six years ago when I realized I couldn't rely exclusively on my youthful vigor anymore. I adopted and have remained true to a routine that includes day lotion with SPF, eye cream, and night cream, as well as super hydrating lip care. I don't go a day without my morning routine, but I must admit that I'm less consistent in the evenings. This is mostly due, I think, to the fact that I haven't found a night cream that I love. I've tried lots of different store-bought brands, and samples from name-brand lines, and just can't land on one I can stick with. They either feel too heavy for night, or a bit oily, or they're too fragrant -- none of which I can handle as I try to get to sleep (also, regarding fragrance, my husband would be grossed out by heavy scents at night, and he wouldn't hesitate to tell me so in the kindest of words).

So I come to you, friends... do you use a night cream? What do you recommend? I'm open to any and all recommendations, and would love your input. Pharmacy? Makeup counter? What's your go-to? Actually, I'll take any skin care recommendations... I'm interested to know what you do to keep your pretty faces so pretty.

Thanks! Now comment away!


  1. i typically use various samples that i have and have not been loyal to one. Lately i have just used the VMV Hypoallergenics face lotion morning and night. I went through an Origins Night-a-mins phase too. I am eager to hear other recommendations!

  2. I have a Sisley sample that is wonderful - feels light, not oily, not overly fragrant - but once that sample is gone I am afraid I won't be buying it. Too expensive!

    I like Korres creams, and they don't contain parabens, petrochemicals, etc. I use their body lotion. Their night cream has good reviews on Sephora!

    Not face related - but in India I started using body oil after showering instead of lotion. It is wonderful, esp in winter, and you don't have to sit there rubbing lotion in forever. I ran out of my Indian oil, and since I didn't want any petroleum-derived oil, I went to Whole Foods and found a really nice almond oil, unscented. Just splash some on as soon as you turn off the shower, while you're still wet, then towel off.